cecil corwin in a sentence

  1. _The Mitchell House, an 1894 house on which Eifler believes Wright collaborated with colleague Cecil Corwin.
  2. The house's architect of record is Cecil Corwin, according to Inland Architect magazine, which logs the designers of homes.
  3. Tafel also accounted that Wright had Cecil Corwin sign several of the bootleg jobs, indicating that Wright was aware of their illegal nature.
  4. There, he used the rifle to force guard Cecil Corwin to open the door to the main cellhouse and let the others in.
  5. The "'Mitchell House "'at 905 South Main Street was owned by Henry Mitchell of the Mitchell Wagon works and was designed by Cecil Corwin.
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  7. On May 2, 1946, after inmates Bernard Coy, Joseph Cretzer, and Marvin Hubbard took guard Cecil Corwin by surprise, they asked Shockley which cell Rufus Franklin was in.
  8. "Thirteen O'Clock " was originally published under the Cecil Corwin byline . " The Rocket of 1955 " first appeared in 1939 in " Escape ", an amateur magazine published by one of Kornbluth's friends.
  9. "MS . Found in a Chinese Fortune Cookie " ( 1957 ) is supposedly written by Kornbluth using notes by " Cecil Corwin ", who has been declared insane and incarcerated, and who smuggles out in fortune cookies the ultimate secret of life.
  10. Kornbluth provided Wollheim with more stories than anyone else, using several aliases, including " Cecil Corwin ", " S . D . Gottesman ", and " Kenneth Falconer " . | group = note } } Knight would later become a member of the Futurians, but he was still living in Oregon at the time the story appeared in print.

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