cecil clementi smith in a sentence

  1. In 1889, the Sir Cecil Clementi Smith opened the new building said:
  2. The Queen's Scholarship was initiated by Cecil Clementi Smith, Governor of the Straits Settlements.
  3. It is named for Governor Cecil Clementi Smith of the Straits Settlements ( former British territories in Malaya ).
  4. On 13 March 1885, Bland received the temporary appointment as the Acting Governor Cecil Clementi Smith's Private Secretary.
  5. In 1862 Tonnochy left India to work in Hong Kong's civil service joining other notable colonial officials like Cecil Clementi Smith.
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  7. The first scholarships, originally known as the Higher Scholarships, were founded in 1885 by Sir Cecil Clementi Smith, the Governor of the Straits Settlements, in honour of Queen Victoria.
  8. In colonial Singapore, the post of Colonial Secretary or Chief Secretary provided opportunities for promotion in the colonial civil service : Cecil Clementi Smith and Sir Patrick McKerron and W . L . Blythe.
  9. As early as 1890, the Governor of the Straits Settlements, Cecil Clementi Smith had lobbied Abu Bakar to adopt the Societies Ordinance and ban the Ngee Heng Kongsi, but was promptly turned down.
  10. Among his descendants are the British colonial administrators Sir Cecil Clementi Smith and Sir Cecil Clementi, Air Vice Marshal Cresswell Clementi of the RAF and Sir David Clementi a deputy-governor of the Bank of England.
  11. In 1891, it was moved again, this time on the instruction of Governor Sir Cecil Clementi Smith, to its present site in front of the Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall, after the Anderson Bridge was built in 1909.

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