cecil clarke in a sentence

  1. He was succeeded as mayor by Cecil Clarke.
  2. On March 6, 2001, MacDonald finished third in the byelection, losing to Progressive Conservative Cecil Clarke.
  3. It was originally featured on British network David Butler, it was produced by Cecil Clarke and directed by Claude Whatham.
  4. ""'Long Day's Journey Into Night " "'is a 1973 videotaped television adaptation of the Eugene O'Neill Peter Wood with Cecil Clarke as executive producer.
  5. The PLP's first successful Members of Colonial Parliament ( MCPs ) were : Mr . Arnold A . Francis ( Party Leader ), Mr . Walter N . H . Robinson ( Deputy Leader ), Mrs . Lois Browne-Evans ( Bermuda's first black elected woman Member of Parliament ) Mr . Russell Dismont, Mr . Cecil Clarke and Mrs . Dorothy Thompson.
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