cecil chubb in a sentence

  1. Cecil Chubb bought the site for ?, 600 and gave it to the nation three years later.
  2. The estate was owned by Sir Cecil Chubb, the last private owner of Stonehenge, from 1927 until his death.
  3. Stonehenge and of land was purchased by Mr . Cecil Chubb for ?, 600 on September 21, 1915 for his wife & mdash; she donated the land to the British government three years later.
  4. The "'Chubb Baronetcy "', of Stonehenge in the County of Wiltshire, was created in the Baronetage of the United Kingdom on 17 September 1919 for Cecil Chubb, the last private owner of Stonehenge.
  5. In 1924 the Fisherton House Asylum suffered financial difficulties and a limited company was formed called Old Manor ( Salisbury ) Ltd . Sir Cecil Chubb was appointed managing director and left his law practice to concentrate wholly on the management of the business.
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  7. Cecil Chubb's interest in the local area led to him attending the sale, with him bidding and purchasing Lot 15 on a whim for ?, 600 ( about ?|-3 } } / ?|-3 } } / $ |-3 } } today ), as he wished to avoid the stones being acquired by someone overseas.

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