cecil chesterton in a sentence

  1. In 1913 he defended Cecil Chesterton in the Richard Muir.
  2. It was edited by Hilaire Belloc and Cecil Chesterton.
  3. Particularly active was the " New Witness ", edited by Cecil Chesterton.
  4. Cecil Chesterton was the most combative of the three, and his work is probably the most theoretical as well.
  5. The court ruled against Cecil Chesterton and fined him a token ?00 plus costs, which was paid by his supporters.
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  7. With others ( G . K . Chesterton, Cecil Chesterton, Arthur Penty ) Belloc had envisioned the socioeconomic system of distributism.
  8. Cecil Chesterton expected to be sued by the government ministers under the nation's libel laws, which put the burden of proof on the defendant.
  9. In the next issue of the " New Witness ", Cecil Chesterton repeated his allegations against the ministers, who still did not sue.
  10. There is a continuing debate about the extent of anti-Semitic prejudice to be found in the views of Gilbert and Cecil Chesterton as well as of Belloc.
  11. Initially Jackson and Orage co-edited, with Jackson setting the editorial line with Cecil Chesterton and Clifford Sharp ( later the editor of the " New Statesman " ).
  12. In terms of criticism, the publication has garnered condemnation for alleged anti-Semitic prejudice to be found in the views of Gilbert and Cecil Chesterton as well as of Hilaire Belloc.
  13. Other contributors to Daniel s magazines included Dorothy Richardson, Cecil Chesterton, G . K . Chesterton and the educational reformer Mary Everest Boole . Charles Daniel s admiration for Tolstoy was enhanced by a visit to see him at Yasnaya Polyana.
  14. "If circumstantial evidence were ever sufficient to justify a charge, we do not doubt that in the case of " Mr . Godfrey Isaacs v . Mr . Cecil Chesterton ", the latter and not the former would have won.
  15. When he heard on 8 October ( from Cecil Chesterton ) that Granville had fled and his company had gone into liquidation, Ransome went and sat in Granville s chaotic office day after day to establish his interest as a leading creditor of the bankrupt firm.
  16. The journalism of Cecil Chesterton for the " Eye-Witness " at the time of the Marconi scandal, is a substantive though flawed reason why Belloc, Cecil Chesterton and G . K . Chesterton have often been considered an anti-semitic clique.
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