cecil campbell in a sentence

  1. The city judgeship was subsequently held by John Cecil Campbell, Mrs . Marvin's cousin.
  2. On some US releases, the song " Gangsters " ( Dammers, Cecil Campbell ) appears between " Too Much Too Young " and " Little Bitch ".
  3. Drew Sr . was selected by the Louisiana Supreme Court to fill the city court position pending the election of Democrat John Cecil Campbell over the Minden attorney Randy D . Elkins.
  4. "' William Cecil Campbell "'( born 28June 1930 ) is an Merck Institute for Therapeutic Research 1957 1990, and is currently a research fellow emeritus at Drew University.
  5. Pallbearers were Harry Stahl, Bob Dickson, Sam Walker, Webster Parish Police Juror Charlie Odom, businessman Carroll Toms, Deputy Steve Fomby ( son of Henry Fomby ), Marshal John Walker Sr ., and Judge John Cecil Campbell.
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  7. "' Ini Kamoze "'( ), born "'Cecil Campbell "'; 9 October 1957, is a Jamaican reggae artist who began his career in the early 1980s and returned to prominence in 1994 with the signature song " Here Comes the Hotstepper ".

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