cecil alexander in a sentence

  1. They had two sons, William Cecil Alexander ( 1914 16 ) and Edward Alistair ( 1915 69 ).
  2. They began looking again at a proposal by retired architect Cecil Alexander, the father of an Atlanta city councilman.
  3. Consider Cecil Alexander, a reknowned Atlanta architect, who says he has " retired five times ."
  4. Cecil Alexander, a Distinguished Flying Cross Marine pilot in World War II, headed the architectural team that built Atlanta Stadium.
  5. The flag was designed by Cecil Alexander, an 82-year-old Atlanta architect whose grandfather fought for the Confederacy.
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  7. FLAG-DESIGNER _ Atlanta architect and racial peacemaker Cecil Alexander, father of Atlanta City Council member Doug Alexander, designed the compromise flag.
  8. Cecil Alexander, a prominent 81-year-old architect, jokes that his grandfather, Julius Alexander, left Atlanta for Savannah to fight.
  9. "The business community pretty much turned its back on the banquet, " says architect Cecil Alexander, an Allen supporter who tried to promote the testimonial.
  10. Bill Hendrick talks to prominent Jewish Atlantans, like Cecil Alexander, and other Jewish Georgians whose ancestors were rebs . ( Hendricks, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
  11. Bill Hendrick talks to prominent Jewish Atlantans, like Cecil Alexander, and other Jewish Georgians whose ancestors were rebs . ( Hendrick, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
  12. Many of the historic artifacts currently in the house are originals, donated by Hazel Elizabeth Rutherford and Helen Reid Rutherford ( Cecil Alexander Rutherford's wife ).
  13. The Rutherford family of four, including Alexander Cameron Rutherford, Mattie Birkett Rutherford, Cecil Alexander Rutherford and Hazel Elizabeth Rutherford moved in by the end of March 1911.
  14. Cecil Alexander, Sr . was the owner of a successful hardware company, J . M . Alexander & Company, which he sold to King Hardware in 1947.
  15. It was decided that young Henry would relinquish his name to his younger cousin and would, instead, be named after his own father, Cecil Alexander, Sr.
  16. "It's a symbol of something that men and women have died for, " said architect Cecil Alexander, 83, whose ancestry includes Confederate soldiers.
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