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  1. The structures are known to researchers as the CD4 receptor and the chemokine receptor.
  2. CD4 receptor ) on the target cell.
  3. On surfaces of helper T cells are CD4 receptors, as well as T cell receptors ( TCRs ).
  4. These cells express a CD4 receptor, to which HIV can bind, through the gp120 and gp41 proteins on its surface.
  5. One notable feature seen in the new pictures is that part of the CD4 receptor pokes into a large cavity inside the probe.
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  7. Since CD4 receptor binding is the most obvious step in HIV infection, gp120 was among the first targets of HIV vaccine research.
  8. Viral entry into CD4-positive cells commences when three subunits of a glycoprotein 120 ( gp120 ) bind to CD4 receptor and a coreceptor.
  9. The real target, it seems, is the chemokine receptor, but to decoy the immune system the virus first latches on to the CD4 receptor.
  10. "HIV-1 can enter the microglial cell via CD4 receptors and chemokine co-receptors such as CCR3, CCR5, and CXCR4, with CCR5 being the most important of these.
  11. Additionally, in collaboration with Genentech, Tolerx is developing a modified version of TRX1, a humanized monoclonal antibody that binds to the CD4 receptor found on both T effector and T regulatory cells.
  12. As well as being involved in forming a complex with MHC-II with TCR to control T-cell fate, the CD4 receptor is infamously the primary receptor that HIV envelope glycoprotein GP120 binds to.
  13. Fostemsavir ( BMS-663068 ) is a methyl phosphate prodrug of the small molecule inhibitor BMS-626529, which prevents viral entry by binding to the viral envelope gp120 and interfering with virus attachment to the host CD4 receptor.
  14. Cohen s work also showed that Vpu plays a key part in the negative regulation of the CD4 receptor observed during HIV infection and that the antagonistic actions of Vpu on CD4 and BST2 are among the strategies employed by HIV to circumvent several types of anti-HIV immune responses.
  15. Upon binding of gp120 to the CD4 receptor and coreceptor, a number of conformational changes in the structure leads to the dissociation of gp120 and to the exposure of gp41 and at the same time to the anchoring of the gp41 N-terminal fusion peptide sequence into the host cell.
  16. When memory helper T cells'CD4 receptors bind to the MHC class II molecules which are expressed on the surfaces of the target cells of the graft tissue, the memory helper T cells'T cell receptors ( TCRs ) can recognize their target antigen that is presented by the MHC class II molecules.
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