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  1. The patients started with CD4 counts ranging between 100 and 500.
  2. However, it was effective in patients with higher CD4 counts.
  3. A normal CD4 count is around 1, 500.
  4. CD4 counts increased the most among those getting the high dose of 3TC.
  5. Any improvement in the CD4 count indicates a heightened ability to fight disease.
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  7. The CD4 count is a standard measurement of the progression of the AIDS virus.
  8. Viral load testing provides more information about the efficacy for therapy than CD4 counts.
  9. A normal CD4 count can range from 500 cells / mm3 to 1000 cells / mm3.
  10. The danger signal is a CD4 count of fewer than 500 such cells per deciliter of blood.
  11. Many patients achieve normal CD4 counts and a viral load that cannot be detected in routine tests.
  12. In HIV patients, most cases occur when the CD4 count is below 200 cells per microliter.
  13. Today, following a booster treatment last fall, Leos'CD4 count stands at 1, 276.
  14. Tests showed a sharp decline in the CD4 count, to about 10 cells per microliter of blood.
  15. It was surprising how well patients with such low CD4 counts did on the triple-drug therapy,
  16. For the first 2 years of HIV therapy, CD4 counts may be done every 3 6 months.
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