cavity in a sentence

"cavity" meaning  
  1. Sprinkle Cajun seasonings over the entire bird and inside the cavity.
  2. The tumor can rupture, spilling mucin into the abdominal cavity.
  3. Place the bay leaf, thyme and clove inside the cavity.
  4. He then swallowed the balloons or hid them in body cavities.
  5. Place several parsley sprigs and 1 teaspoon rosemary into other cavity.
  6. It's difficult to find cavity in a sentence.
  7. How do I get my Chihuahua out of the turkey cavity?
  8. Remove and reserve the giblets and neck from the turkey cavities.
  9. We see more gum disease and cavities in cats than dogs.
  10. When the aorta ruptures completely, blood fills the abdominal cavity.
  11. Some that had completely decomposed left cavities in the packed ash.
  12. Remove the bag of giblets and the neck from both cavities.
  13. During an examination, Bragdon found a cavity near the gums.
  14. The new bone tissue forms concentric circles, leaving a cavity.
  15. If any squeezes out of incision, wipe it into cavity.
  16. Remove neck and giblets from cavity and use for turkey stock.
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