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  1. Several suspected causal factors in our environment have been studied so far.
  2. Other " crew causal factors " cited in the report were:
  3. Clinical factors are not causal factors of a disease phenotype unlike genomic factors.
  4. M capacity is the key maturational causal factor of working memory.
  5. Osteoporosis is due to causal factors like atrophy of disuse and gonadal deficiency.
  6. It's difficult to find causal factor in a sentence.
  7. This behavior, as well as the visibility are the causal factors of the accident.
  8. Phenytoin is known to be a causal factor in the development of peripheral neuropathy.
  9. These five would therefore be the causal factors in the experience of the Real.
  10. Drought and temperature have been causal factors in many diebacks.
  11. Whether pregnancy is a causal factor is hard to determine.
  12. "Disentangling all the causal factors is impossible, " he said.
  13. Hypercorticism may also be causal factor-osteoporosis may be seen as a feature of Cushing's syndrome.
  14. The same electronic structure transition is believed to be a causal factor in Invar behaviour.
  15. Human factors are the primary causal factor aviation accidents.
  16. Droughts in the Matobo National Park are considered as a causal factor in this decline.
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