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  1. Veterinary practices and a boarding cattery are among the local businesses.
  2. Storrs House Farm has operated a boarding cattery for many years.
  3. But the breeds at the cattery are no ordinary either.
  4. Sandford hosts several businesses, including some farms and a boarding cattery.
  5. None were ever registered under the Lund name from the Sig Tim Hil Cattery.
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  7. Try to take the pet out of the immediate kennel or cattery area if possible.
  8. A cattery exists at Brandlesholme Hall Farm.
  9. The community has an active church, a hand-made pottery business and a boarding cattery.
  10. The former keepers'accommodation is no longer needed and is now home to kennels and a cattery.
  11. The shelter, a former cow barn, now houses a kennel, cattery, offices and meeting rooms.
  12. We had a cattery that was 100 percent full, and now we don't have any ."
  13. Jean Kelly of Kelly Cattery in Dighton, Mass ., who breeds the sphynx, vouches for their friendliness.
  14. There is a camp and caravan site at Long Meadow Farm, and a kennels and cattery in Snows Lane.
  15. By 1998, Mollie Southall of Coldenufforsnow Cattery joined the program, there was only one breeder left, Maureen Shackell.
  16. There is still a way to make next year's holiday more pleasant Q find a good boarding kennel or cattery.
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