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  1. Cattaneo said, his breath escaping in a jet of relief.
  2. Maier and Luca Cattaneo of Italy skidded off course and crashed.
  3. Cattaneo was also indicted, but the charges were later dropped.
  4. Al parecer, Cattaneo estaba haciendo lo mismo con otras personas.
  5. Giustino Cattaneo ( later of Isotta Fraschini ) worked for him.
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  7. Cattaneo was a procurator of the Republic of Genoa since 1533.
  8. Cattaneo also painted the four monochrome prophes in the presbytery walls.
  9. Daniela Cattaneo then became the creative director for the fashion house.
  10. Ms . Cattaneo is optimistic about opportunities for untried directors.
  11. Peter Cattaneo, being a nice sort of fellow, has friends.
  12. "They're very proud, " said Cattaneo.
  13. Peter Cattaneo ( " The Full Monty ")
  14. Luca Cattaneo of Italy slid sideways into the safety netting.
  15. Cattaneo was cleared of any involvement in that case two years ago.
  16. The estate was transferred to Naples by Maria Doria Cattaneo in 1832.
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