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  1. Goodnight was convinced that his " cattalo " business would thrive.
  2. He called the result " cattalo " in 1888.
  3. For example, in 1936 the Canadian government had successfully cross-bred only 30 cattalos.
  4. American bison bulls ( American " buffalo " ) have been crossed with domestic cattle to produce beefalo and cattalo.
  5. The new name, Beefalo, was meant to separate this hybrid from the problems associated with the old cattalo hybrids.
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  7. Bull and cow cattalos are reported in " Wonders of Animal Life " edited by J A Hammerton ( 1930 ).
  8. These same corrals were later home to a " cattalo, " a hybrid between one of Jones'buffalos and a domesticated Hereford bull.
  9. Although the cattalo performed well, the mating problems meant the breeder had to maintain a herd of wild and difficult-to-handle bison cows.
  10. After Goodnight stopped driving cattle from Texas to New Mexico and Colorado on the Goodnight-Loving Trail that he blazed with Oliver Loving, he crossbred buffalo with Angus to create the cattalo.
  11. There is a scurrilous rumor going around Buffalo Gap that Bob is really a " cattalo " or a " beefalo, " a cross between a buffalo and a Charlois.
  12. There is a scurrilous rumor going around Buffalo Gap that Bob is really a " cattalo " or a " beefalo, " a cross between a buffalo and a Charolais.
  13. But his elation is tempered when Alice Beck, a childhood friend who can still kick his butt when she needs to, ropes him into taking Roselle the cattalo _ half cow, half buffalo _ along for the ride.
  14. In addition to raising cattle 1876, the Goodnights preserved a herd of native plains Garden City, Kansas, after meeting with Goodnight in Texas, also bred cattalo, or beefalo, on a ranch near Grand Canyon National Park in northern Arizona.
  15. Other terms in use in colonial era for half-castes included-creole, casco, cafuso, caburet, cattalo, citrange, griffe, half blood, half-bred, half-breed, high yellow, hinny, hybrid, ladino, liger, mamaluco, mixblood, mixed-blood, mongrel, mule, mustee, octoroon, plumcot, quadroon, quintroon, sambo, tangelo, xibaro.

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