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  1. Both forest zones are part of the cedar swamp or cattail marsh.
  2. The habitat consists of bogs, cattail marshes, dry pine and other woodlands.
  3. Along the edge of Alder Pond, a cattail marsh provides good wildlife habitat.
  4. Presently, the marsh is in area, most of it open water and cattail marsh.
  5. To the north is an expanse of cattail marshes.
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  7. In addition to Wood Lake, the park contains mixed lowland forest, cattail marsh and restored prairie habitats.
  8. His thesis is entitled " The Red-Winged Blackbird : A Study in the Ecology of a Cattail Marsh ".
  9. In Wyoming, this frog is found in swampy cattail marshes and beaver ponds in the plains, foothills, and montane zones up to.
  10. The largest freshwater cattail marsh in the country, it provides a stopover for enormous flocks of migrating Canada geese every spring and fall.
  11. For more than 30 years, the couple and their three children lived in northeast Portland's cattail marsh, and was partly covered with second-growth Douglas-fir.
  12. Waupun lies near the edge of the Horicon Marsh, the largest cattail marsh in the United States, and is the principal access point to wildlife viewing for the Horicon Wildlife Refuges.
  13. On the higher drier slopes, there are terraces of Raynor clay, which are associated with seeps and higher moisture retention known to the Turtle Pond and Cattail Marsh areas of the Preserve.
  14. It is a natural lake, and at the time the fort was active, before the Rock River was dammed, the area was a cattail marsh with the Rock River running through the middle.
  15. Although nature had begun to reclaim the developed land with cattail marshes, cottonwood groves, and willow thickets, natural reclamation was impeded by the creek's channelization which eliminated annual flooding and siltation that fosters stream health.
  16. HORICON NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE and HORICON MARSH WILDLIFE AREA This area, about an hour from Milwaukee and Madison, is the nation's largest freshwater cattail marsh and a spectacular birding spot . ( 920 ) 387-2658 or ( 920 ) 387-7860.
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