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  1. Because of this, the town hall kitchen got back its casing pipe, which was once demlished.
  2. Curiously there was no apparent sign of damage to the case pipes or any other ranks.
  3. The Baroque organ case survives, including the case pipes, from German-born Johan Lorentz's 1630 organ, but the organ itself has been replaced.
  4. "' Steel Casing Pipe "', also known as encasement pipe, is most commonly used in underground construction to protect utility lines of various types from getting damaged.
  5. Used pipe is most likely to not have any testing data associated with it and is generally used when the only required specification is a given diameter and wall thickness of steel casing pipe.
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  7. The third stage places the product or casing pipe in the enlarged hole by way of the drill stem; it is pulled behind the reamer to allow centering of the pipe in the newly reamed path.
  8. Projects delivered in 1997 included casing pipes and other structures for the second Mactan-Mandaue Bridge, a pre-heater tower for Alsons Cement in Iligan, a structure for an LNG tank for IHI Chita of Japan, petrochemical plant structure in Batangas and roof structures for a factory building and Marriot Hotel.

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