cash subsidy in a sentence

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  1. Companies often consider stock contributions much more affordable than cash subsidies.
  2. It has just become a cash subsidy to our state retirees.
  3. Congressional staff members say the new leadership is considering providing cash subsidies to qualified people.
  4. Five million children and a half million older Argentines are to receive monthly cash subsidies.
  5. The U . S . exporting company receives a cash subsidy to make up the difference.
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  7. Non-cash subsidies also works.
  8. _Use welfare benefits and food stamp grants as cash subsidies to private employers who hire welfare recipients.
  9. Those schools receive products or cash subsidies from the USDA for serving foods that meet federal nutrition guidelines.
  10. Instead, government offered ?150 ( ) cash subsidies to each household with permanent residence for commuting purposes.
  11. As a part of parties'total income the cash subsidy was about 18 per cent in 1996.
  12. These producers of Mexico's most important and historic crop-- corn-- received a cash subsidy.
  13. Last year we wanted to give them some cash subsidies for their needs, but this year we are out of resources,
  14. But proposals to give food rations and cash subsidies to Albanians who have taken refugees into their homes remain in the discussion stage.
  15. As is the case with bread, direct cash subsidy for rice and sugar is to take place right after the Eid celebrations.
  16. If a premium is higher than this, the government gives the insured person a cash subsidy to pay for any additional premium.
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