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  1. To be successful in providing a cash stream, the new trading business must recapture its market share.
  2. He feared that Migliore was planning to remove Amuso as official boss and cut off his cash stream.
  3. The term "'dark spread "'refers to the similarly defined difference between cash streams ( spread ) for coal-fired power plants.
  4. Tajuddin said Tenaga is not expecting any major reduction in revenue, stressing that the cash stream is " fairly solid ".
  5. Firms are learning again to live without those luxurious cash streams, to prevent investor mutiny during these times of poor investment performance.
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  7. Suppose you decide you need $ 1, 000 a month, or $ 12, 000 a year, as a cash stream from your investments.
  8. Churchill realized that he could never get the same cash stream from Facel-Vega that he did from Daimler-Benz, and the whole project was abandoned.
  9. We feel Atari Interactive allows us to create new revenue, new cash streams and build a business based on the enormous growth of the PC in the marketplace,
  10. The irony of these games'demise is that the athletic directors'organization will lose a significant cash stream while many of their schools will benefit from the income raised during 12-game schedules.
  11. The key to the accounting, former executives said, was in trading multiyear contracts that offered the potential for a long-term stream of revenue and then booking that potential cash stream immediately.
  12. "He was picking and choosing from two different cash streams on the same contracts to make it look like profits were being made that really weren't, " one Chase executive said.
  13. While the fund is growing rapidly, its cash stream elevated by oil income and high oil prices, Norway is discovering that even its oil gusher cannot forever stave off the retirement financing crunch.
  14. But Broderbund has the advantage of a steady cash stream from its best-selling Print Shop software, which accounts for a third of the company's sales, and the Carmen Sandiego series, an educational title.
  15. "This merger dovetails nicely with Republic's strategy of assembling consumer oriented, service related businesses that provide steady cash streams and possess strong brand names, " said Robert Friedman, an equity analyst at Standard & Poors Inc.
  16. For some time, the escape plan is threatened when Abruzzi s associate on the outside, Philly Falzone, cuts off Abruzzi's cash stream and takes his prison privileges from him as payback for failing to find Fibonacci.
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