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"cash store" in Chinese  
  1. In the Gunbound Revolution version, Maya is bought in the Cash store.
  2. The camp was owned by Walter Scott, who operated the Pinedale Cash Store.
  3. New Davenport Cash Store is on Highway 1, in Davenport.
  4. In 1953, the Cash Store was destroyed in a fire.
  5. Merchants simply use readers that deduct the purchase price from e-cash stored on consumers'plastic cards.
  6. It's difficult to find cash store in a sentence.
  7. Cash stored in the government house was seized, but the town bazaar was not looted.
  8. There's more of the same downstairs in the Cash Store, which is part the sound system.
  9. Davenport Cash Store ( see above ).
  10. They thought an alliance with a foreign manufacturer would improve the car's design and protect Chrysler's cash stores.
  11. The building remained the Jones Cash Store until 1929 at which time it was sold to Montgomery Ward.
  12. Through April, all rooms are $ 99, including breakfast vouchers of $ 7 per person for the Cash Store downstairs.
  13. Modern encryption techniques are tested every time someone makes a purchase over the Internet or spends electronic cash stored in smart cards.
  14. Together, John Evans Cash Draper and Heaslop's People's Cash Store dominated the shopping centre at the Woolloongabba Fiveways in the early 1900s.
  15. In 1929, Walker created a variety show known as the " Farm and Home Hour " to help promote his cash stores.
  16. On July 1, 1926, Safeway merged with the 673 stores from Skaggs United Stores of Idaho and Skaggs Cash Stores of California.
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