cash squeeze in a sentence

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  1. The retailer has been in a tight cash squeeze for some time.
  2. Qwest has been struggling for months to cope with a cash squeeze.
  3. Analysts have also raised questions whether America Online is facing a cash squeeze.
  4. The lack of funds caused a cash squeeze that strangled activity.
  5. That provision has forced the REIT into its latest cash squeeze.
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  7. "If it's a sticky cash squeeze, they'll have to borrow, " he said.
  8. In the language of accounting, Forbes'federal disclosure statement lays out his cash squeeze.
  9. Companies that are for sale have tangled finances or face a cash squeeze.
  10. Lites denied reports Green was responding to a cash squeeze.
  11. Unable to pay off its $ 675 million of debt, it faced a cash squeeze.
  12. Beyond its current cash squeeze, Astra has a more powerful long-term trend to cope with.
  13. Caught in a cash squeeze in January, 1991, Kinder-Care stopped paying interest on its debt.
  14. Train set deliveries are behind schedule, and the railroad says it's facing a cash squeeze.
  15. During recurrent depressions, they'd get caught in a cash squeeze and sell off their land,"
  16. Today, with payroll tax revenues far outpacing pension outlays, the government faces no imminent cash squeeze.
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