cash shortfall in a sentence

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  1. That cash shortfall also is affecting the fight against AIDS, delegates warned.
  2. Cash shortfall aside, he said, this also affected the quality of telecasts.
  3. NewCom blames the need to repay bank debt for its cash shortfall.
  4. But that would still leave the program with a future cash shortfall.
  5. But bank loans alone will not solve the cash shortfall.
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  7. Dortmund is battling a cash shortfall and may be forced to sell some players.
  8. They also rejected the notion of printing more money to address a cash shortfall.
  9. Experts say it could create a cash shortfall of up to $ 1 trillion.
  10. Despite posting high growth figures for the past two years, Ukraine suffers from cash shortfalls.
  11. Normally, cash flow from such impressive growth would be enough to cover any temporary cash shortfalls.
  12. That would leave a cash shortfall for the rail, road and air networks linking European cities.
  13. Eurotunnel blamed a summer price war with ferries and no-frills airlines for its continuing cash shortfall.
  14. The cash shortfall is leading Salon to postpone certain ventures for which it had high hopes.
  15. The company said its cash shortfall caused it to seek alternative financing agreements with its lenders.
  16. Membership in Great Smoky Mountains Association helps offset this very substantial cash shortfall to the Park.
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