cash shortage in a sentence

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  1. For the crisis in classical music is not just a cash shortage.
  2. If a cash shortage at TWA sounds at all familiar, it should.
  3. Eurogas's cash shortage is keeping it from capitalizing on all its prospects.
  4. The new loans eased cash shortages at thousands of state-owned enterprises.
  5. The military modernization program has been crippled by the government's severe cash shortage.
  6. It's difficult to find cash shortage in a sentence.
  7. The cash shortage has forced government officials to propose printing money.
  8. Most pension funds, in fact, are under-funded and face cash shortages.
  9. The Russian space program has been plagued by cash shortages and technical glitches.
  10. Particularly for the unemployed, bartering is a way to get over cash shortages.
  11. Bank executives said the cash shortage was the most severe they've seen anywhere.
  12. All sit on the shelf for now, the victims of her cash shortage.
  13. With Argentines now facing cash shortages, some of those deposits are being withdrawn.
  14. Economist Kwik Kian Gie discusses the impacts of the cash shortage.
  15. Its development has been stalled by the military's desperate cash shortage.
  16. Seasonal cash shortages often occur in New York at this time of year.
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