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  1. Casemiro noted that Angelica " is never without comeuppance ."
  2. Casemiro calls the adult-targeted laughs " crumbs for mums ."
  3. Casemiro joked that he draws on his own " demented, stunted adolescence.
  4. Casemiro's contract was extended to 2021.
  5. McKee was selected by Casemiro Mior for Hong Kong League XI after this incredible performance.
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  7. The TV series is directed by Mark Risley and executive produced by Eryk Casemiro with Kate Boutilier.
  8. His fellow countryman, midfielder Joao Batista Casemiro Marques, was a Turkish champion in 2002-03 playing for Galatasaray.
  9. Brazilian duo Casemiro and Manchester United after Madrid did not make his season-long loan from the last campaign permanent.
  10. Casemiro played six times for Brazil, he was also included in Brazil's Copa Am閞ica squads in 1916 and 1917.
  11. Casemiro saved Madrid the three points per a late goal, after Ramos put them upfront in a 2 1 victory over Las Palmas.
  12. Eryk Casemiro, one of the executive producers and co-writer of the episode, said there were multiple considerations in aging the kids.
  13. Casemiro made his La Liga debut on 20 April 2013, playing the full 90 minutes in a 3 1 home win over Real Betis.
  14. On 5 June 2015, Casemiro returned to Real Madrid who activated his buyback clause, and two months later his contract was extended until 2021.
  15. With the red card showed to Inter's right back Casemiro at 38'by referee Arnaldo C閦ar Coelho, Gr阭io's victory seemed very close.
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