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  1. Oh, you have casement windows, that open like doors.
  2. In Sir Roger Casement and the German arms ship the Aud.
  3. In all, Casement Park has hosted eight Ulster football finals.
  4. Bays projected out of the house, lined with casement windows.
  5. It was written by Roger Casement some time close to 1900.
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  7. Most consider this poem to point towards Casement's homosexuality.
  8. Cast-aluminum casement window frames have embossed repeating chevron patterns.
  9. The current owner has also had to replace the window casements.
  10. A casement window is on the west corner at basement level.
  11. The windows are a mixture of single and three light casements.
  12. All windows are triple casement, with the center window hinged.
  13. The classrooms are well lit via banks of timber casement windows.
  14. It has plaster infilling, a tiled roof and casement windows.
  15. A casement window is located either side of the central entry.
  16. Stained glass hopper windows replaced the original casement windows in 1972.
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