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  1. The Casement Report comprises a multitude of individual statements gathered by the British Belgian state of Congo.
  2. His government coincided with the release of the Casement Report, a damning account of abuses carried out in the Congo Free State.
  3. His extensive travels and interviews in the region resulted in the Casement Report, which detailed the extensive abuses under Leopold's regime.
  4. Following the " Casement Report ", the British, European and American press exposed the conditions in the Congo Free State to the public in the early 1900s.
  5. Casement, as British consul, was ordered in 1903 to prepare the Casement Report, and was honoured with an Order of St Michael and St George ( CMG ) decoration for it.
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  7. Historically, Basankusu holds some dark stories of exploitation during the times of the Abir Congo Company but was also the gateway to much of Equateur Province for those individuals involved in the reforms which came from the Casement Report and the Berlin conference of 1884-5
  8. A series of reports into the operation of the Free State were issued starting with the British Consul, Roger Casement's Casement Report and followed by reports commissioned by the Free State and Leopold II . These detailed unlawful killings and other abuses made by Abir and Leopold II was embarrassed into instituting reforms.

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