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  1. The game took place ahead of a planned redevelopment of Casement Park.
  2. Casement Park in west Belfast, home to the Malone in Division 2A.
  3. In all, Casement Park has hosted eight Ulster football finals.
  4. Casement Park is a stadium mainly for county Antrim GAA football and hurling games.
  5. Previous finals have been held in Coalisland and Casement Park.
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  7. Casement Park, one of the largest stadia in Ulster, opened in June 1953, with Cavan.
  8. In the same year they won the final which was played in Casement Park, Belfast.
  9. But you would hardly find a Protestant in Casement Park, where Gaelic games are played.
  10. Shortly afterwards, the corporals were dragged across the road to Casement Park, where they were beaten further.
  11. On the 14th November 2016 Casement Park was officially included as part of Ireland's 2023 Rugby World Cup bid.
  12. "' McQuillan GAC Ballycastle "'( Antrim Senior Hurlers in recent years due to the ongoing redevelopment of Casement Park.
  13. P醝rc Mac U韑韓 has also hosted the Antrim Senior Hurlers in recent years due to the ongoing redevelopment of Casement Park.
  14. A major facelift of the stadium took place in 2000, a move which saw more championship games played at Casement Park.
  15. The two soldiers were beaten and forced into the Casement Park sports stadium where they were whisked away to another area and shot to death.
  16. In 1989 Monaghan scraped home with an 0-08 to 0-05 win against Antrim in Casement Park, Belfast, where the homesters literally kicked the game away.
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