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  1. Casemates on the main deck were very close to the waterline.
  2. Both men were hanged on 2 December 1977 at Casemates Prison.
  3. The casemates were sponsoned out over the tumblehome of the sides.
  4. The secondary battery consisted of fourteen guns mounted in casemates amidships.
  5. The ships were also armed with eighteen guns mounted in casemates.
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  7. Two instruction casemates were built at Mont Agel, facing north.
  8. Secondary armament included twelve SK L / 40 guns in casemates.
  9. An 1890 modernization suppressed the casemates and replaced caponiers with counterscarps.
  10. This was scaled back to a pair of separate artillery casemates.
  11. In 1933, the Bock casemates were opened to the public.
  12. Seelberg, was not constructed; two casemates were built instead.
  13. The casemates were armored with 114 mm thick sloping iron plates.
  14. During both World Wars, the casemates were used as bomb shelters.
  15. The 6-inch guns were placed in casemates in the hull.
  16. The casemates were protected by 6 inches of Krupp armour.
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