casemates square in a sentence

  1. The party is also accompanied by drums and Casemates Square.
  2. A funday for children featuring bouncy castles and fairground rides is then held at Grand Casemates Square.
  3. During the 19th century, public military hangings were carried out at Grand Casemates Square, with the last one held in 1864.
  4. The area of Grand Casemates Square formed part of the old town during Spanish times, being walled with its own gates and towers.
  5. In 1993 the venue was changed to the larger Grand Casemates Square, until it was again changed in 1998 to the even larger Naval Ground.
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  7. A number of old garrison buildings were redeveloped for leisure and retail use, notably the area around Grand Casemates Square, which was formerly used as a car park.
  8. She has recently been the founding member and President of the " Gibraltar Fine Arts Association ", and inaugurated the Fine Arts Gallery at Grand Casemates Square in 2001 as a hub for the work of local artists.
  9. Route 5 buses run every 10 minutes Frontier / Airport terminus to the city centre, this is a shuttle between Reclamation Road ( British Steps ) near John Macintosh Square and the Frontier / Airport terminus via the Market Place bus station Grand Casemates Square.
  10. "' Grand Casemates Gates "', formerly "'Waterport Gate "', provide an entrance from the northwest to the old, fortified portion of the city of the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar, at Grand Casemates Square.

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