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  1. Casemated guns mounted in the hull had between of armor plate.
  2. Castle Williams was the first casemated battery in the United States.
  3. She then turned her attention to a two-gun casemated battery.
  4. Battery Milliken was casemated for protection against air attack during the war.
  5. The castle entrance was defended by a low casemated tower and a barbican.
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  7. Hurst was equipped with new heavy, RML guns in heavily protected casemated positions.
  8. No partitions separated the casemated guns, nor was there any armor between the guns.
  9. A proposal to turn it into a casemated fort was dropped for being too expensive.
  10. Secondary armament included ten 8.8 cm SK L / 35 guns, also casemated.
  11. After World War I coastal guns were usually casemated for protection or covered with camouflage for concealment.
  12. Two guns were in a massive casemated emplacement named Battery Edwards, converted from an 1870s magazine.
  13. The first one disabled the forward starboard 6-inch casemated gun and caused casualties among its crew.
  14. In 1715, Philippe de Vend鬽e made a second proposal, this time to build a casemated redoubt.
  15. The fort is surrounded by a ditch and glacis and contains underground magazines and casemated quarters for the garrison.
  16. By 1918 the forwardmost casemated pair of 5-inch guns had been removed for a total of eight.
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