casemate ironclad in a sentence

  1. Like the other two gunboats she was built in Brazil and was designed as a casemate ironclad.
  2. "' CSS " Texas " "'was a casemate ironclad built for the Confederate Navy during the American Civil War.
  3. The "'casemate ironclad "'is a type of iron or iron-armored gunboat briefly used in the American Civil War.
  4. In its general appearance, a casemate ironclad consisted of a low-cut hull with little freeboard, upon which an armored casemate structure was built.
  5. "' CSS " Charleston " "'was an casemate ironclad salvaged after the war and the remains have been obliterated by subsequent dredging.
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  7. "Roanoke " s deep draft prevented her from engaging the Confederate casemate ironclad sister ) during the Battle of Hampton Roads on 8 9 March 1862.
  8. The day after the Confederate casemate ironclads and sortied and briefly captured two Union ships on 31 January, " New Ironsides " was ordered to patrol off Charleston Harbor.
  9. The " "'Nashville "-class ironclad "'was a side-wheel casemate ironclads built for the Confederate States Navy during the American Civil War.
  10. As the guns are carried on the top of the ship yet still fire through fixed gunports, the casemate ironclad is seen as an intermediate stage between the traditional broadside frigate and the modern warships.
  11. Constructed on the hull of, " Virginia " originally was a conventional warship made of wood, but she was converted into an iron-covered casemate ironclad gunship, when she entered the Confederate navy.
  12. "' CSS " North Carolina " "'was a casemate ironclad built for the Confederate Navy in 1863 by Berry & Brothers at Wilmington, North Carolina at a cost of $ 76, 000.
  13. Compared to the turreted ironclad warships that became standard, the casemate ironclad does not have its cannons in an armored gun deck, but instead has a casemate structure ( often sloped ) on the main deck housing the guns.
  14. Although the Confederacy concentrated its efforts on casemate ironclads as a means to harass the Union blockade of their ports, but this was a choice dictated by available technology and materials rather than by confidence in the possibilities of this type.
  15. The casemate ironclad being steam driven, either by screws or by paddle-wheels, it did not need sails or masts, although sometimes, when not in combat, temporary pulley-masts, flagpoles, davits, and awnings were added.
  16. The river campaigns saw the first practical use of river gunboats and river ironclads, in particular the City-class ironclads, ironclad paddle steamers built by James B . Eads in Confederate experiment in deploying a casemate ironclad, the CSS Arkansas, in a river defense role.
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