casema in a sentence

  1. Casema had revenue of 255.7 million guilders last year.
  2. In the Netherlands'Casema BV connects to 2 million.
  3. Casema BV connects to 2 million.
  4. Rabobank Nederland, a Dutch bank, will take a 5 percent stake in Casema, France Telecom said.
  5. It said late Friday it agreed to buy Casema, the cable television business of Royal PTT Nederland NV.
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  7. Rabobank Nederland, a Dutch bank, agreed to acquire a 5 percent stake in Casema, France Telecom said.
  8. Most cable-TV firms, including Deutsche Telekom and Casema, serve consumers within a single country's borders.
  9. PTT said an investment of 700 million guilders over the next 10 years is needed for Casema to develop these activities.
  10. French broadcasting unit Telediffusion de France, Dutch cable operator Casema and stakes in a number of satellite operations are also for sale.
  11. "That is excellent news about Casema for France Telecom, " said Frederic Sauvegrain, an equities salesman at brokerage Oddo.
  12. It will compete against larger, state-owned cable-TV operations such as those of Deutsche Telekom and the Netherlands'Casema BV.
  13. Casema, the nation's biggest cable company, has said that most subscribers are not willing to pay extra for the new channel.
  14. In the Netherlands, it owns a controlling stake in the Dutchtone mobile telephone service as well as all of a Dutch cable operator called Casema.
  15. In August, Liberty agreed to buy Dutch cable company Casema, with 1.35 million customers, from France Telecom for $ 731 million.
  16. On May 16, 2008, @ Home merged with cable providers Casema and Multikabel into Ziggo, thus becoming the largest cable provider of The Netherlands.
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