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  1. Sara Collinge, Judith Mitchell, Joanna Faure Walker, Julia Hall, Morven Masterton, Niccola Hyslop, Olga Caselton, Rachel Dixon, Sarah-Louise Burgess
  2. Then a third person, Swedish mercenary Bertil Wedin, living in Northern Cyprus since 1985, was named as the killer by Peter Caselton, a member of Coetzee's assassination squad known as " Operation Longreach ".
  3. Then on Wednesday, the " Expressen " newspaper published an interview with an unidentified ex-member of the South African secret police ( thought to have been Peter Caselton, who was run over and killed by a truck a few weeks later ) who claimed that if Palme's murder had been ordered by the apartheid regime, then it was carried out by Wedin.
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