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  1. The leaf-shaped multi-cusped teeth resemble those of iguanas, caseids, and other reptilian herbivores.
  2. The body was probably barrel-shaped, like other caseids, with massive limbs and small cervical vertebrae.
  3. Like all caseids, " Ennatosaurus " had a small head compared to its wide, lizard-like body.
  4. Known from a very large partial skeleton found within the Cala del Vino Formation, " Alierasaurus " is one of the largest known caseids.
  5. And unlike the better-known pelycosaurs such as " Dimetrodon " and " Edaphosaurus ", caseids do not have the exaggerated elongation of the vertebrae that form a sail.
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  7. Like all caseids, " Angelosaurus " was an evolutionarily conservative reptile which would appear to have been one of the dominant herbivores of the time, occupying a similar ecological role to cows.
  8. In fact, the only anatomical features that differ between " Alierasaurus " and " Cotylorhynchus " are found in the bones of the feet; " Aleirasaurus " has a longer and thinner fourth metatarsal and it has ungual bones at the tips of the toes that are pointed and claw-like rather than flattened as in other caseids . " Aleirasaurus " and " Cotylorhynchus " both have very wide, barrel-shaped rib cages indicating that they were herbivores that fed primarily on high-fiber plant material.

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