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  1. It is included in the synapsid clade Caseidae in the order Pelycosauria.
  2. "' Caseidae "'is an extinct aquatic synapsids, which appeared during the late Carboniferous and persisted until the late middle Permian.
  3. It is the best known member of the synapsid clade Caseidae, usually considered the largest terrestrial vertebrates of the Early Permian, though they were possibly aquatic.
  4. Eothyridids share with the Caseidae a number of specialised features associated with the morphology of the snout and external naris and it is likely that they were ancestral to them.
  5. Because the species is based on a single specimen with few diagnostic anatomical features, uncertainty remains as to where it belongs in tetrapod phylogeny; originally interpreted in 1954 as an enigmatic " theromorph " synapsid ( hence its species name " aenigmatum " ) by Soviet paleontologist Ivan Yefremov, " Phreatophasma " was later described as a therapsid " incertae sedis " by American paleontologist Alfred Romer in 1956 and then as a member of a basal synapsid family called Caseidae starting with Everett C . Olson in 1962.
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