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  1. Court TV Online : www . courttv . com / casefiles / oklahoma / mcveigh . html
  2. Tracy Ryan portrayed Nancy Drew while Colin Gray and Paul Popowich portrayed The Hardy Boys Casefiles.
  3. In the Casefiles they collaborate with Assassins, an international terrorist organization responsible for Iola Morton's death.
  4. In the Casefiles series, Joe jokingly refers to Frank as the brains of their operation and himself as the brawn.
  5. In one of the Casefiles he is part of " The Circle of Twelve " which is a group of vandals.
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  7. In the Casefiles series, the Hardy boys collaborate with Assassins, an international terrorist organization responsible for Iola's death.
  8. It must be pointed out, however, that Iola appears in the Original Continuity books which ran during and long after the Casefiles series had ended.
  9. In The Hardy Boys Casefiles first book, " Dead on Target ", she is killed by a car bomb meant for Frank and Joe.
  10. This series is based in the Nancy Drew Files and Hardy Boys Casefiles continuity, so murder, romance, and flirtation between the series regulars are common.
  11. The Nancy Drew Files were aimed at an older, teenage audience, and is similar in style, target audience, and sensibilities with The Hardy Boys Casefiles.
  12. In the Casefiles, the differences between Frank and Joe are more pronounced as Joe s personality is somewhat changed because of the death of his girlfriend, Iola Morton.
  13. In September 2011, Reese was included in " The Green Hornet Casefiles " and " The Avenger : Justice Inc . Files " books published by Moonstone.
  14. In Casefiles # 5 " Edge of Destruction " he ran for Mayor of New York City, but had to pull out of the campaign because of heart problems.
  15. A new " Hardy Boys " series, the " Hardy Boys Casefiles ", was created in 1987, and featured murders, violence, and international espionage.
  16. It was a spin-off of The Hardy Boys Casefiles and the Tom Swift IV series and joined boy inventor Tom Swift with the crime solving Hardy boys, Frank & Joe.
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