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  1. I apologize, but I misfiled an SPI to the wrong SPI casefile.
  2. In Casefile # 21 the company s finances were funneled through off-shore banks in the Caribbean and in Panama.
  3. Jane agrees, but later she's concerned when she finds a casefile with Bobby has compiled with the intention of solving Lucy's murder.
  4. The rest of MUX stayed intact and left the USA . Later, at the time of Casefile # 37, they came back to the country to steal a highly advanced computer chip created by " Prometheus Computing ".
  5. :It looks to me like a yellow sac spider : [ http : / / www . uky . edu / Ag / CritterFiles / casefile / spiders / brownspider / brownspider . htm # whatis This page even says that they " resembles the brown recluse except that it is lighter in color and has no fiddle-shaped marking . "-- Fastfission 03 : 00, 25 June 2006 ( UTC)
  6. It's difficult to find casefile in a sentence.
  7. He has shown that even he has his softer, compassionate side, willing to help people who got into danger because of their connection to the Network, and, more than once, offering to trade himself as a hostage to free someone else ( such as when he offered to exchange himself for the captured stewardess on a hijacked plane in Casefile # 1, " Dead on Target ", and for Vanessa Bender in Casefiles # 100, " True Thriller " ); he will also give people ( often, the Hardys ) respect when they deserve it.

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