cased well in a sentence

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  1. However I really do feel that I did state my case well.
  2. Over of oil was eventually recovered, all from seepage from poorly cased wells.
  3. She did not detail her suffering, but the sheik knew her case well.
  4. I am optimistic about their release because we have argued their case well,
  5. Gempeler refused, saying the order has served the case well.
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  7. Few wouldn't have a case well in hand after fondling it for 11 years.
  8. We apparently did not make our case well enough.
  9. Luna's reasoning is sound and the case well put.
  10. I feel I got a fair hearing and that I could defend my case well,
  11. That would prolong their case well into 2004 before Milosevic begins to present his defense.
  12. "Antitrust students will doubtless be studying the Microsoft case well into the 21st century, " he said.
  13. "I think we've presented our case well, " said Vassilis Gagatsis, the head of Greece's Soccer Federation.
  14. A casing well was once dug through through glacial drift on the west bank of Marsh Creek.
  15. Bishonen sums up the case well . talk ) 03 : 21, 22 October 2014 ( UTC)
  16. Even if that court rules against the administration, appeals would tie up the case well past November.
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