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  1. The flue was in diameter; there was an inner casing wall to approx ..
  2. Sorting cases by weight is done to group cases by case wall thickness, and match cases with similar interior volumes.
  3. His works have cased walls in Cairo, Luxor, Alexandria, Beirut, Frankfurt, Berlin, Amsterdam and Brussels.
  4. The final improvement came with the increased thickness of the cartridge case wall from the web area up to the beginning of the shoulder.
  5. No mechanism to avoid the absorption of energy into the radiation case wall and the secondary tamper has been suggested, making ablation apparently unavoidable.
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  7. She then crashes her feet through the case wall and punches three holes in the lid ( two for her arms and one to see through ).
  8. Kottick mentions the " straightside ", the extremely thick case walls, the use of plywood in the inner case, and the use of plastic for jacks.
  9. The . 38 Casull followed the same formula as the . 38 / . 45 Clerke, but with thicker case walls as in the . 45 Winchester Magnum.
  10. Use of a ghost shoulder, rather than a continuous taper on the case wall, helps the cartridge to line up concentrically with the bore axis, contributing to accuracy.
  11. The round is a scaled-up version of the . 30-06 Springfield but uses a case wall with a long taper to facilitate feeding and extraction in various weapons.
  12. The 5.6?7mm cartridge case has a distinctively thick case wall, and this causes significant problems when handloading, owing to the force that needs to be used through the press when re-sizing the case neck.
  13. The outer case walls form the water jacket, sealed off by the head and head gasket, and the block has cast-iron main caps and crankshaft . The cast-iron cylinder head was chosen for low cost.
  14. Sonic tools are also used extensively to evaluate the cement bond between casing and formation in a completed well, primarily by calculating the accentuation of the signal after it as passed through the casing wall ( see Cement Bond Tools below ).
  15. The other step in the front of the chamber accommodates the thickness of the case wall at the forward edge of the case neck where the projectile emerges as a close fit to the beginning of the bore, the throat or leade.
  16. Based on the . 32 H & R Magnum, but with a 1 / 8 " longer case, a strengthened web at the base of the case, thicker case walls, and different heat-treatment and metallurgy, the . 327 Federal Magnum can be loaded to much higher pressure levels ( 45, 000 psi ) than its predecessor ( 21, 000 CUP ).

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