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  1. Horology . cases tubes for writwatches . design and dimensions
  2. As the change of the seamless steel tube market , the order of the boiler tube for power station is reducing now , but the order of the high intensity casing tube is rising year after year
  3. The high intensity casing tube produce line of the alloy tube plant of panggang group chengdu iron & steel co . , ltd . was build in 1994 . this produce line is mainly designed i ' or fire boiler tube of power station
  4. Through the erp project , the process automation level can be improved , realized good specification process and reduce the residue inner strain of the high intensity annular . at last , it can strengthen produce capability of the high intensity casing tube in the alloy tube plant and the competitive power in the market
  5. Currently there are teflon wire extruding workshop , silicon rubber wire extruding workshop , pvc and pe electron wire extruding workshop , insulated casing tube production workshop , weaving workshop , twisted line workshop , wire processing and assembly workshop , with the annual capacity of 168 million - meter wire and casing tube as well as matched wire of 8 million sets
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  7. So the old produce line must be reformed to adopt the needs of the high intensity casing tube produce step by step . the current produce line has many questions to produce the high intensity casing tube . such as different produce manner , the high intensity casing tube is batch - type production , but boiler tube is small scale and they have different process conditions

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