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  1. F ) Finished goods with a carrying cost of $ 138, 500
  2. Moreover, the carrying cost will mostly appear as a "'percentage "'number.
  3. It is possible that Datum could incur additional inventory carrying costs.
  4. The strategy, implemented in mid-1996, was to reduce the carrying costs for Creative.
  5. It is sometimes referred to as a carrying cost of money.
  6. It's difficult to find carrying costs in a sentence.
  7. For HUD, the legal fees and carrying costs of the homes continue to mount.
  8. Balance the saving for buying in quantity against carrying costs.
  9. But we have to distinguish between the total cost and the carrying cost-- the interest.
  10. They save tax dollars, in fact, by reducing the carrying costs on the public debt.
  11. Big shots aside, this is a nice place, assuming you can pay the hefty carrying cost.
  12. The longer it takes to dispose of these assets the higher the carrying cost will be.
  13. We will save on inventory carrying costs.
  14. The total cost will minimized when the ordering cost and the carrying cost equal to each other.
  15. Because they cost more, they have to be released sooner because of the carrying costs of the money.
  16. Those inclined to play this game can sustain extremely low carrying costs for their credit card balances indefinitely.
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