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  1. Better racks have a carrying capacity of 150 to 200 pounds.
  2. Carrying capacity : A simple backpack will probably do the job.
  3. Don Muang is expected to reach its carrying capacity by 2000.
  4. Typical data carrying capacity was about 180 kB on each side.
  5. See also Population, Carrying capacity, Sustainability, and Earth.
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  7. The total cargo carrying capacity is about 13, 400 tons.
  8. This has raised concerns over the carrying capacity of Hong Kong.
  9. Here of modeled carrying capacity as a function of several inputs.
  10. That means the carrying capacity of the land is greater.
  11. This extra carrying capacity has always made 911s relatively family-friendly.
  12. Another risk occurs when water slows down and loses some carrying capacity.
  13. We have exceeded the carrying capacity of our water resources,
  14. Other invertebrates use respiratory proteins to increase the oxygen-carrying capacity.
  15. The constant K is the carrying capacity of the population.
  16. Oriented plywood construction has a high wheel-carrying capacity.
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