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  1. Additionally, Care Bears Sing-along pals were also introduced.
  2. Both sets quickly grow up to become the Care Bear Family.
  3. He made his animated debut in the first Care Bears movie.
  4. Grizzle is a tiny Care Bear in a giant robotic suit.
  5. So it was with Care Bears and Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles.
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  7. Care Bears are one of the most furiously hyped toys.
  8. The Care Bears franchise was rebooted upon the 2007 relaunch.
  9. However, the other Care Bears still make appearances in the series.
  10. The periodic comics were later bundled into hardcover Care Bear Annual books.
  11. A Care Bears game was planned for the Atari 2600 in 1983.
  12. Bedtime Bear is one of the few Care Bears seen wearing clothes.
  13. Secret Bear made her first appearance in the first Care Bears movie.
  14. Dark Heart is the main antagonist of the second Care Bears movie.
  15. All the Care Bears are very upset about the situation.
  16. Care Bears & Cousins is currently in its second season on Netflix.
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