care australia in a sentence

  1. CARE Australia said in a news release given out on Friday.
  2. Downer and CARE Australia have denied that the men were spying.
  3. Care Australia has been providing humanitarian aid in Iraq since 1991.
  4. CARE Australia chief executive Charles Tapp accompanied Wallace and Pratt to Croatia.
  5. CARE USA and CARE Australia are both are members of CARE International.
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  7. CARE Australia believes the two are alive and may soon be released.
  8. CARE Australia said he must have been acting under duress.
  9. CARE Australia and Australian government officials insist the aid workers are innocent.
  10. CARE Australia officials have said the confession may have been made under duress.
  11. A CARE Australia spokesman said an appeal was lodged immediately after the verdict.
  12. But CARE Australia chief executive Charles Tapp was also cautious about the plan.
  13. CARE Australia Chairman Malcolm Fraser said Downer had no assurances from Yugoslav authorities.
  14. The three men _ two Australians and a Yugoslav _ work for CARE Australia.
  15. CARE Australia is very grateful for that offer,
  16. CARE Australia has suspended its operations in Iraq.
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