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  1. Another health care assistant at United Christian Hospital died this week.
  2. The use of caregivers and Personal Care Assistants may be needed.
  3. In 2013 EMAS took on 140 new emergency care assistants.
  4. Ambulance Care Assistants are responsible for the routine maintenance of their vehicle and its equipment.
  5. She attended Eastern Shore Community College and obtained a certificate in Long Term Care Assistant.
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  7. Whilst playing for Boston, he also worked as a care assistant in a nursing home.
  8. But they haven't counted enough, said Mary Clark, a nurse care assistant in Detroit.
  9. There were no nurses, only care assistants, but Bulger praised the care provided in the community.
  10. Now she is a full-time day care assistant at Sacred Heart, making $ 300 a week.
  11. She was at that time care assistant in the home care services in Sp錸ga, divorced with four children.
  12. Leanne's boyfriend, care assistant Wayne Keeley, 19, pleaded with her to get in touch.
  13. Home health-care workers, elder-care assistants and child-care workers are all in short supply.
  14. Ms Lee said the home-care assistant would receive two weeks training in communication skills and basic medical knowledge.
  15. Due to the financial constraint, St James has hired only one home-care assistant to run the new service.
  16. Care assistants may help the individual with daily tasks such as bathing, eating, cleaning the home and preparing meals.
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