care and welfare in a sentence

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  1. When he was bold _ health care and welfare _ he failed.
  2. "With what he's done on health care and welfare, I'm disappointed.
  3. They can attend public schools and receive public health care and welfare benefits.
  4. The Starlight Foundation provides entertainment, care and welfare for chronically or terminally ill children.
  5. I wanted more spending cuts, and I sponsored alternative health care and welfare reform bills.
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  7. McCormick's platform focuses on health care and welfare reform.
  8. Some Iowans contend that immigrants cause crime and burden schools, health care and welfare programs.
  9. He leapfrogged the conventional wisdom and proposed revolutionary solutions to health care and welfare reform.
  10. Still, he said he was disappointed with the president's performance in health care and welfare overhaul.
  11. Health care and welfare spending was cut.
  12. During Shalala's tenure, the White House kept a close grip on both the health care and welfare initiatives.
  13. "The Netherlands is changing rapidly, " said Gabriel van den Brink, of the Netherlands Institute for Care and Welfare.
  14. Few people research how their local animal care and welfare groups handle animals or who is responsible for what.
  15. He said they explained that GOP moderates are particularly interested in such issues as education, health care and welfare reform.
  16. Torkildsen said, referring to the health care and welfare changes passed by the Republican-controlled Congress over the past few weeks.
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