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  1. Arborists are trained in the care and preservation of trees.
  2. Because the care and preservation of the art is our first consideration, food and beverage is generally not permitted in the gallery.
  3. The target was clear : a comprehensive, environmentally sound and resource efficient land management, which complies with the care and preservation of our cultural landscape.
  4. We continue to upgrade staff and equipment in all areas to keep abreast of changing standards and technology for the care and preservation of archival information.
  5. The group is one of several organizations devoted to the care and preservation of elephants, which once were the workhorse of Southeast Asia, employed in war, transport and logging.
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  7. The Friends of Ralph Connor House was established in 2003 as a registered charity and became the official owner of the House with a focus on the care and preservation of the building.
  8. The Library Conservator and the supporting staff have lent technical assistance to clients in both in the private and public sectors, advising and assisting with the care and preservation of their library collections.
  9. They charge an entry price of EUR 4.00 for adults ( as of September 2010 ) ( with reductions for children, etc . ), which is used for the care and preservation of this natural monument.
  10. "' Ila Fox Loetscher "'( 1904 & ndash; January 4, 2000 ), also known as the " Turtle Lady ", was a female aviation pioneer and noted advocate for the care and preservation of sea turtles.
  11. All its supply functions, ( including the supply of vehicles, their care and preservation in storage and delivery ), along with the staff clerks, were transferred to the Royal Army Ordnance Corps, leaving the new RCT solely responsible for transport and movements.
  12. In order to compile metadata consistently, so as to enhance the discoverability of archival materials for users, as well as support the care and preservation of the materials by the archival institution, archivists look to standards appropriate to various kinds of metadata for different purposes, including administration, description, preservation, and digital storage and retrieval.

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