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  1. After the Second World War, C Site went into care and maintenance.
  2. The mine has been placed in care and maintenance since October 2008.
  3. Between 1948 and 1949 the site was placed under care and maintenance.
  4. The base was reverted to care and maintenance on 28 April 1945.
  5. The Wouterspan mine, also located on the MOR, is on care and maintenance.
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  7. The aging process should be considered in the care and maintenance of both.
  8. It is now under the care and maintenance of Bhimesvara Temple Development Committee.
  9. The care and maintenance of the White House takes a lot of work.
  10. Operations at Brightstar are suspended with the processing plant under care and maintenance.
  11. The open cut mine at Mount Bischoff is currently on care and maintenance.
  12. Breeder costs consist of prenatal care, postnatal care and maintenance of breeding status.
  13. It is expected to enter'care and maintenance'stage of decommissioning in 2027.
  14. The mine went into care and maintenance shortly after that retrenching 150 employees.
  15. These people will increase the burden and cost of their care and maintenance.
  16. Eventually it was closed on 14 March 1948 and put into'care and maintenance'status.
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