care and diligence in a sentence

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  1. Directors have a duty to exercise reasonable skill care and diligence.
  2. "In accepting and evaluating these projects, utmost care and diligence was exercised to protect the interest of the public,"
  3. Greaves is being sued for allegedly breaching his duty to exercise the standards of care and diligence required by law of a company chairman.
  4. Turner said proceeding with the inquiry " will not be a pleasant task and it must be done impartially with the utmost care and diligence.
  5. In the attainment of this objective it is required that the management will exercise due care and diligence in applying the basic accounting concept of  Matching Concept.
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  7. This discussion is only being set up to try and reinforce policy and process expectations and make sure that we unambiguously use due care and diligence going forwards.
  8. George McLean, Anthony Hawes and Anthony Gamby failed to " act with due skill, care and diligence, " the Securities and Futures Authority said.
  9. A director who breaches the duty to use reasonable care and diligence may also be liable for damages if the company suffered loss as a result of the breach.
  10. Topics like this need to be dealt with care and diligence, in a serious scholarly manner .-- * 22 : 12, 8 July 2006 ( UTC)
  11. Topics like this need to be dealt with care and diligence, in a serious scholarly manner .-- * 22 : 11, 8 July 2006 ( UTC)
  12. Stevenson pleaded guilty to three charges arising from a client complaint; dealing with client monies through his practice account rather than a trust account, withdrawing fees without authority and preparing accounts without due care and diligence.
  13. The SFA said in a statement that Norris admitted he was in breach of SFA principles in that he " failed to act with due skill, care and diligence " in the month before Barings collapsed.
  14. From the various walks of life, they share Escriva's belief that holiness can come through carrying out, with extraordinary care and diligence, the most ordinary of tasks, like keeping house or being a student.
  15. "As a direct and proximate result of Martin's breach and failure to exercise ordinary care and diligence in his job, counterclaimant LAUSD has been damaged by ISL's fraudulent invoices, " the countersuit contends.
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