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  1. Massachusetts is a state where politicians believe voters care about health care legislation.
  2. They also care about health care, racial profiling and abortion.
  3. "Governor Bush . . . doesn't care about health care.
  4. I've learned that the people of Utah care about health security for their fellow citizens . . ..
  5. Mancini also cares about health care, Social Security, prescription drugs for seniors, but she isn't hearing enough specifics on those issues either.
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  7. "We're saying, ` If you do go and you care about health, you can choose more carefully .'It's a field of land mines.
  8. "I think I won because of who I am, and who I am is a nurse and I care about health care, " she said.
  9. So if you want them to care about health reform, you don't talk about the uninsured, you talk about people who have lost their insurance.
  10. The first lady offers a somewhat more uplifting explanation of why she still cares about health care reform despite her congressional drubbing five years ago.
  11. Kenneth Raske, president of the Greater New York Hospital Association, clashed with the governor early in his term, and thought then that Pataki did not know or care about health care policy.
  12. We are confident as people look at the record and agenda of all the candidates, the smart vote _ especially for people who care about health care _ is for Al Gore.
  13. They're a small part of the student body, and like most teen smokers at other schools, they don't care about health risks, don't believe them or think they'll quit before becoming sick or addicted.
  14. This is about the whole underlying assumption of the Bush issues strategy that he can say,'I care about education, I care about health care and smugly assume people don't need to know what that means or what's behind it . "'
  15. But what happens if a person doesn't care about health and just looks for something on sale in the fresh produce section of the grocery store, in the egg department of the grocery store, and drinks from the grocery store's water fountain?
  16. Picking up the beat, Clinton is calling the medical college-affiliated hospitals the " the crown jewels " of the state and saying that teaching hospitals everywhere " are a particular concern, and should be to a concern to everyone who cares about health care ."

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