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  1. AH-1058 is a cardioselective L-type calcium channel blocker.
  2. Their mechanism is similar to drugs such as verapamil, although taxines are more cardioselective.
  3. Cardioselective beta-blockers, however, appear safe in those with mild or moderate disease.
  4. Off-label uses of atenolol, as with other cardioselective ?-blockers, include symptomatic treatment of psychological issues such as anxiety . ?-blockers are effective for some in treating the somatic ( physical ) effects of anxiety.
  5. For this reason, beta blockers that selectively block ?1 adrenergic receptors ( termed cardioselective or ?1-selective beta blockers ) produce fewer adverse effects ( for instance, bronchoconstriction ) than those drugs that non-selectively block both ?1 and ?2 receptors.
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  7. Adverse effects associated with ? 2-adrenergic receptor antagonist activity ( bronchospasm, peripheral vasoconstriction, alteration of glucose and lipid metabolism ) are less common with ? 1-selective ( often termed " cardioselective " ) agents, but receptor selectivity diminishes at higher doses.

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